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Because there shouldn’t be a next time


The goal of our #MaybeNextTime campaign and annual summit is to strengthen research and evidence-based programs and practices to build an understanding of the disparities and challenges faced by racialized and religious minority communities, specifically for Black women and girls ages 14-35 who experience assaults, microaggressions, and discriminations deeply rooted in dangerous racist and misogynistic ideologies.

Our Plan

Embracing Sisterhood
In the Face of

In March 2023, we launched our three-year advocacy plan that aims to proactively identify approaches to reduce crime within our community, prevent instances of re-victimization and increase rates of disclosure among Black girls and women.

This is in response to the growing need to move away from prevention approaches that fuel victim-blaming narratives, neglect the role of the perpetrator, and fail to understand the complex interactions that influence social norms and allows violence to continue.

Help Develop capacity-building initiatives

Participate in Our Research Study

The purpose of this study is to understand the real-world experiences of sexual violence, discrimination, bullying, and harassment faced by Black girls and women. We are interested in learning about the intersections and barriers that prevent Black girls and women from disclosing these experiences and accessing resources for support.

The findings from this research will be instrumental in assisting Sisters in Sync in developing capacity-building initiatives.

Year One

Launch Summit and introduce theme to the public.
Develop partnerships and engage in community consultations to co-create response framework.

Year Two

Present framework and test across social services, communities, schools, and religious groups across the city of Hamilton.

The ‘We Got You, Sis!’ Toolkit is a four-step guide and resource to equip community members, leaders, educators, service providers, and allies to support Black girls and women with intersectional identities in continuing to advocate for them and each other to obtain the protection and support they deserve.

Year Three

Evaluate outcomes of the response framework and offer recommendations and best practices for implementation.

Our Call To Action

What We Want To Achieve

Create Programming

Co-create mental health and wellness program for support pre/post disclosure

Increase Rates

Increase in rates of disclosure from Black girls and women

Specialized training

Specialized training for faith leaders, educators, and family to support victims

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