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Go Girl!

You Go, Girl! Awards

Join us in celebrating the potential and remarkable achievements of young Black girls in Hamilton!

You Go, Girl!

In honour of International Day of The Girl, You Go, Girl! Awards celebrates the potential and achievements of Black girls ages 8-21 in the city of Hamilton. Whether they received top honours and scholarships for post-secondary, are volunteers in the community, or have demonstrated significant personal improvement; we want to acknowledge the little and big moments in their lives that often go unnoticed.

You Go Girl Awards honourees are selected through a fair nomination process, reviewed by expert judges, and announced and celebrated on October 11.

Save the Date

Friday, October 11, 2024 at 5:30 PM

We encourage you to nominate the young girls in the city of Hamilton that are doing amazing work and have potential to become trailblazers!

Nominations are due by July 19, 2024.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be between the age of 8-21 as of December 31
  • Must reside or attend school in Hamilton
  • Must be Black or a Person of African Descent

Our Award Categories

Celebrating the Potential and Achievements of Black Girls

With over five categories highlighting achievements in many facets of a young girl’s or women’s journey, you can submit a nomination(s) showcasing the honourees’ unique accomplishments and values. All female entrepreneurs, employees and students are eligible to be nominated.

You Go Girl Awards honourees are selected through a fair nomination process, reviewed by expert judges, and announced and celebrated on October 11.

This award celebrates a girl who has made significant contributions to the world of arts, culture, and creative expression. Whether through visual arts, performing arts, literature, or cultural preservation, this girl has demonstrated exceptional talent, creativity, and cultural awareness. Her artistic endeavours have not only enriched her own life but have also inspired and influenced others in profound ways.

This award recognizes a girl who has demonstrated exceptional skill, passion, and dedication in the fields of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM). Whether through innovative research, groundbreaking discoveries, or impactful projects, this girl has shown exemplary achievement and leadership and inspires other Black girls to take an interest in these fields.

This award recognizes a girl who has demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment to her personal growth and development. Whether through overcoming challenges, setting and achieving ambitious goals, or cultivating resilience and self-awareness; this girl has shown remarkable perseverance in her journey toward becoming the best version of herself.

This award recognizes a girl who exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship through their ability to identify opportunities, innovate, and drive growth within their business. She has made a significant impact in her industry and is inspiring future entrepreneurs.

This award honours a girl who has exhibited outstanding leadership qualities and positively impacted her community or beyond. Through her vision, courage, and determination, she has led by example and brought about meaningful change in her school and local community. She has also demonstrated the ability to mobilize others, tackle challenges, and make a difference.

This award celebrates a remarkable girl between the ages of 8-12 who  demonstrates extraordinary talent, potential, and promise in her endeavors. This young girl stands out for her  exceptional abilities, creativity, and dedication at such a formative stage in her life. She embodies the spirit of possibility and serves as an inspiration for her peers and community, representing the bright future ahead..

This award celebrates a racialized or newcomer girl who serves as a catalyst for cross-cultural exchange. She has become very active in her community and embraces diversity, working diligently to bridge cultural divides within her community and beyond. This award aims to make her feel at home and warmly welcome her into the sisterhood, recognizing her efforts to foster inclusion, build connections, and cultivate a sense of belonging.

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