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We Got You, Sis!

Sisters in Sync

Sisters in Sync was created as a response to the growing need for spaces where Black girls and women from all walks of life can exist and share experiences.

About Us

Empowering Black Girls and Women

Sisters in Sync is on a mission to empower Black girls and women, helping them to be, become, and belong. Our work promotes self-esteem, challenges social inequalities, and advocates for survivor-informed practices. Our efforts have impacted the lives of many Black girls and women across Hamilton. Guided by a robust framework of values centred around empowerment, sisterhood, education, and transparency, we strive to drive positive, long-lasting change. Curious to learn more about our impact and guiding principles?

Our Programs and Initiatives

Unleashing Potential, Inspiring Change

Discover Sisters in Sync’s empowering programs and initiatives that aim to nurture and elevate Black girls and women in their journey through life. From facilitating personal growth and mental well-being to creating unforgettable experiences of sisterhood and celebration, each of our offerings is designed with your needs at heart.

Participants of Resilient Women Reset & Check-in program in Hamilton.

Resilient Women Reset & Check-in

Meet Resilient Woman Reset and Check-in, a 15-week program for Black women ages 20-35. Embrace authentic sisterhood, & enhance your mental well-being.

Adolescent girls engaged in the BecomingHER program in Hamilton.


BecomingHER, our 12-week program, guides adolescent girls ages 13-19 through their journey from girlhood to womanhood. It’s all about self-discovery, mental well-being, and resilience.

High school graduate enjoying the Prom Experience Giveaway in Hamilton.

Prom Experience

Experience the magic of prom without any stress! Our Prom Experience Giveaway treats a high school graduate to the ultimate pampering and dream prom.

Attendees enjoying the Sisterly Love Slumber Party event in Hamilton.

Sisterly Love Slumber Party

Since 2019, our Sisterly Love Slumber Party has been the Valentine’s Day event to attend. Join us for self-love workshops, new friendships, & great times.

Our Advocacy Work

Because There Shouldn't Be a Next Time

Advocacy in action is at the heart of what we do, and our #MaybeNextTime campaign epitomizes this. This campaign aims to build understanding and awareness around the challenges and disparities faced by Black women and girls aged 14-35, who may be subjected to assaults, microaggressions, and discrimination rooted in harmful racist and misogynistic ideologies. As part of this initiative, we’ve launched a three-year plan dedicated to combating such prejudices and promoting safer, more supportive environments. Join us in making a difference, because there should never be a ‘next time’

Advocate for the #MaybeNextTime campaign with a shirt that says "There shouldn't be a next time"
Advocates for the #MaybeNextTime campaign addressing challenges faced by Black women and girls.

Our Annual Event

You Go, Girl! Awards

Join us in supporting the potential and recognizing the achievements of young Black girls in Hamilton through our annual You Go, Girl! Awards event. Whether in academics, community service, or innovative ventures, we spotlight the successes of these girls aged 14-21.

Save the date for Friday, October 11, 2024, as we honor these emerging leaders and innovators across various fields. With five distinct award categories, we aim to acknowledge and appreciate the unique journey of each young girl.

Take action today! You can participate by nominating a deserving girl from Hamilton or by showing your support at the event.

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